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We support public, cultural and sport activities, either of regional or whole-country character.

On this page you can get to know, which projects we support or we are going to support. In case of your interest about cooperation you can contact us at central address, in subject of e-mail please use the password  „cooperation at sponsorship“.

Company KASRO supports financially foundation of home for seniors and people suffering with demention, villa VITAE

We managed to start the poject of running the home for people with orientation problems. This home was founded in newly reconstructed villa from the end of 19th century. It is a common project of company KASRO spol. s r.o. and company RODINA24, where we managed to join rebirth of historical building in Old Town and starting of unique social service in Liberec, which is so necessary.


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Company KASRO supports financially sport club Bílí Tygři Liberec

Company KASRO have supported financially the club for 11 years.


Logo Bílí tygři

Company KASRO supports tenis in Liberec

Company KASRO supports tenis in Liberec, which has been in the top competition since 2010 and it organizes international tournament ATP Svijany Open regularly.


Logo Liberecký tenis

Company KASRO supports basketball team Kondoři Liberec

Basketball club Kondoři Liberec, s.r.o. follows the philosophy and approach to former club  BK Kondoři Liberec, s.r.o.


Logo Kondoři

Monastery Porta coeli (Gate to sky)

Cistercians monastery Porta coeli (Brána nebes) is in Předklášteří u Tišnova. History of this place started in 1233 by ruling of Přemysl Otakar I. The monastery was founded by queen Konstancie Uherská with her sons Václav I, Czech king and Přemysl, Duke of Moravia.


Klášter Porta coeli

Company KASRO became a partner of EYOWF 2011

Company  KASRO became a partner of 10th Winter European Olympic Youth Festival (EYOWF) 2011 in Liberec region from February 12 to February 19.


Logo EYOWF 2011


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